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How it works

The key to productivity in CogniPro is organized information silo's called brains—a different one for everything you’re working on. By consolidating all relevant information, messages and files into a single location you can accelerate your workflow significantly through custom building AI agents, or hiring one from our marketplace. By sharing this brain with your team, partners and community, all parties will have the ability to pick your brain.

Create a Brain

Load a brain with all relevant information, content, data, processes related to a particular project, topic or team.

Collaborate with Your Team

Invite team members and stakeholders to work together under the same brain, or on the same project.

Query and prompt with AI

Use AI to help you analyze information, automate tasks, and query your enterprise data in realtime securely.
Your Advanced Intelligent Workspace

The secure AI platform where Generative AI meets your organizations knowledge

CogniPro boosts company performance by enabling seamless no-code automation, effortless search and knowledge sharing, and keeps teams connected and engaged as they collaborate to advance work.
Unleash the Power of Your Data

Customized integrations designed for your business.

The Brain System by CogniPro introduces an innovative solution, granting select team members, stakeholders or community members rapid access to necessary resources to help them get work done. Seamlessly connect your business apps and databases with no need for data migration to projects and teams waiting to receive the information that they need.  

Early Access

Highly customizable for quality results.

Connect your tools, choose your model and location, and tap into our API. Collaborate, learn, and use our prompt library to tailor your experience.

Secure for every user, every time

CogniPro enterprise includes OAuth2 support, private node and cloud optionality and advanced cyber-security upgrades. We leverage existing access controls and anonymization & duplication to maintain integrity of source and trusted access to data.
Data Security
Privacy First
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Customer testimonials

"As one of the world’s most successful copywriters and CMOs, CogniPro has been a game-changer. It's like having an extra team member who never sleeps. It analyzes customer feedback, identifies potential leads, and even helps us improve our training programs. It's an invaluable tool for any business looking to leverage data for growth.

"CogniPro has enhanced our law firm's operations and knowledge sharing. It efficiently summarizes complex legal documents, expedites legal research, and manages case files with ease. The brain system allows me to share this information with my team and collaborate like no other platform i've seen in the market."

"CogniPro revolutionized our mortgage broking business. It streamlined data analysis, improved risk assessment, and automated time-consuming tasks. The AI's ability to quickly process complex documents and provide accurate summaries, then share with my team makes it a must-have tool for efficiency and accuracy in our industry."

Frequently Asked Questions

Some common questions we receive but please don't be afraid to reach out and set up a call with a member of our team!

What is CogniPro's vision?

CogniPro is decentralizing knowledge to make sure every professional can access the expertise they need... in real time, 24/7.

Every team will have an accessible record of wisdom, process, and knowledge gained... and that can be captured, preserved, and shared with your team, your successor, and your community.

How is CogniPro different from ChatGPT?

CogniPro and ChatGPT are both advanced AI solutions, but they serve different purposes. CogniPro is designed for professional and business use, capable of interacting directly with user-provided data sources, including databases and various file formats. This produces tailored insights, summaries, and outputs based on the specific data it's provided, all while prioritizing user privacy and data control.

On the other hand, ChatGPT is geared towards a general audience, operating based on its pre-trained knowledge. It provides information, answers queries, and aids in various tasks without the ability to interact with external databases or user-provided content. While it also prioritizes user privacy, its interaction with data differs from CogniPro.

Where does my data go?

For your privacy, your data and uploaded content are stored locally and NEVER leave your system. If you choose to use some of our features, only relevant text-based data is sent to our LLM partners however we do offer optionality to duplicate anonymize your data sets for added data security.

How does CogniPro choose the best model for each task?

CogniPro houses 5 Large Language Models (LLM) currently although this list is gowing. Our technology  automatically selects the most suited model for each task, based on the prompt, organization specificities and desired output, ensuring optimal performance.

Do I need coding skills to fine-tune or train the Large Language Models in CogniPro?

No, CogniPro is designed to allow fine-tuning and training of Large Language Models without the need for coding skills.

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