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Help your Account Managers Automate

An AI agent can streamline your workflow with the personalized touch your account deserves. Our agents are trained on the memories and contexts of your organization's processes and relationships, dramatically improving the productivity of your most personable employees.

Create a Brain

Consolidate information, content, data and processes related to a particular account, pipeline or product.

Build your team

Integrate your tech stack and train your AI team on processes and structured flows powered by LLM prompts.

Complete tasks on Autopilot

Translate your processes into clear instructions for your team of AI agents to automate with a prompt.
Your Advanced Intelligent Workspace

Assign tasks to an AI workforce throughout your entire revenue team.

CogniPro boosts team performance by enabling seamless no-code automation, effortless search and knowledge sharing, and keeps teams engaged as they advance work.

Highly customizable for quality results.

Connect your tools, choose your model and location, and tap into our API. Collaborate, learn, and use our prompt library to tailor your experience.

Secure for every user, every time

CogniPro enterprise includes OAuth2 support, private node and cloud optionality and advanced cyber-security upgrades. We leverage existing access controls and anonymization & duplication to maintain integrity of source and trusted access to data.
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Privacy First
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Frequently Asked Questions

Some common questions we receive but please don't be afraid to reach out and set up a call with a member of our team!

What is an AI team?

An AI Workforce is a digital team designed to assist with routine and repetitive tasks. Comprised of agents equipped with tools tailored to your business needs and created by industry specialists, this system simplifies your operations. With CogniPro, you can build, equip, and deploy these AI agents through a unified platform, ensuring seamless integration and efficiency in your organization's AI rollout.

Create a new agent by giving it a name, and description to establish its identity. Equip your agent with AI tools, such as converting podcasts into research reports or making API calls. CogniPro offers prebuilt skills like data processing and web-scraping and allows you to set triggers to define when a skill should activate, for example, when the agent receives a specific query. Interact with your agent using natural language, and it will improve with more conversations by adding memories and contexts to workflows.

Where does my data go?

For your privacy, your data and uploaded content are stored locally and NEVER leave your system. If you choose to use some of our features, only relevant text-based data is sent to our LLM partners however we do offer optionality to duplicate anonymize your data sets for added data security.

How does CogniPro choose the best model for each task?

CogniPro houses 5 Large Language Models (LLM) currently although this list is gowing. Our technology  automatically selects the most suited model for each task, based on the prompt, organization specificities and desired output, ensuring optimal performance.

Do I need coding skills to fine-tune or train the Large Language Models in CogniPro?

No, CogniPro is designed to allow fine-tuning and training of Large Language Models without the need for coding skills.

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